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SALETELLIGENCE offers consulting and implementation-related solutions in the areas of sales and marketing for the healthcare industry. Our concepts and approaches are based on a broad database, analytical and customer-specific.

ysura is a SaaS innovator, committed to providing intuitive, fast and flexible commercial solutions for pharma organisations across the spectrum — niche businesses, medium companies and large global enterprises. Our proprietary cloud-based products fulfil compliance and regulatory standards that meet both global requirements and local needs

Angerer Design is an agency that has two decades of experience in Life Science and other industries and can generate everything from a folder, brochure, to a complete booth or fully new created design for a product launch.


CLOUD LEVANTE is the technology consultant committed to digitization as a way of business progress. Specialists in Cloud Native, Data Intelligence and Security Management, they focus on offering efficient, scalable and optimized solutions to organizations.
Application development using essential cloud-native principles ensures highly flexible, scalable and resilient platforms.
Data intelligence with technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to transform data into actionable insights that can inform business strategy, improve operations, and drive innovation.
Security management to protect an organization’s assets with threat and vulnerability management projects, incident response, access control, encryption and security audits.

Biokanol is an expert in contract manufacturing and logistics. They can package, repackage from smal to large batches, serialize and seal tamper evident. Additionally a modern 5000 sqare meter warehouse allows strorage of small to large products or product portfolios. They can also directly export goods european wide from the Biokanol headquarter in Germany. 


Getting your innovative orphan drug therapy into the hands of qualified healthcare professionals as quickly as possible to make a difference for patients‘ lives and to enhance your commercial success.

Building on more than 30 years’ experience in the German, DACH & European biopharmaceutical market of orphan drugs and rare diseases.

Providing a strong local network of selected, highly experienced specialists for all key steps and of the commercialization and market access roadmap.

We are your trusted and committed partner for the successful market preparation and commercialization of your innovative rare disease therapy, addressing the unmet medical need of small patient populations.

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