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Deliver meaningful impact faster with Steinschulte Pharma


Transformation is an ongoing process — formerly clearly defined initiatives evolve to an ongoing, purpose-driven permanent improvement. Business changes accelerate, leadership needs increased empathy, transparency and empowerment for all employees.

Steinschulte Pharma is a partner for the new rules of modern business.

We change your business to get more sustainable, faster, more agile more profitable via modern and agile leadership and lean project management.

We WORK, RETHINK, CREATE and GROW together with you.

Our Vision

About Steinschulte Pharma

Pharmacist with PhD in immunology

Deep leadership, marketing and sales experience for more 20 years in pharmaceutical industry

General Management/ CEO positions/ supervisory board experience

Marketing and sales experience in many different roles

Pharma production

B2B contracting

Supply chain management


HR lead


Quality lead

Outsourcing and insourcing projects




Production site optimization

Patient Engagement

Access and negotiations for AMNOG in rare diseases

More than 5 years of commercial and launch experience in hemophilia with the number one plasma and recombinant brands  and launch of the first half life extended Fc Fusion proteins including hemophilia A and B (including AMNOG process), responsible for turnover of more than 200 million €.

Full Range of CNS Products (Schizophrenia, ADHS, Antidepressants, Antiepileptics, Treatment of Parkinson`s disease and responsible for turnover of more than 100 Million €.

Full Range of Rare Disease Products in the indications

Morbus Wilson,


rare tumors,

mycosis fungoides,

NAGS deficiency and organic aciduria,



treatment of attacks of hepatic porphyria,

for closing patent ductus arteriosus

and treatment or prevention of vitamin E deficiency.

Experience in Botulinum Toxin market, being responsible a broad area of European countries.

Good knowledge in



antihypertensives and 


Relaunch of cystinuria product with broad knowledge in that area

Rare disease child dosage antiepileptic product including AMNOG process

Deeply involved in the european and worldwide launch of

ANCA vasculitis complement product, first innovation in decades (being involved in AMNOG)

Pandemic to endemic readiness for a world wide market leader in mRNA technlogy including rare diseases.

Morbus Pompe project for innovative Patient access solutions and search.

Reorganization of Sales Team in rare hepatic disorders.

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